The Building Bridges Initiative is working on creating a communications  infrastructure across the county that helps us solve two problems:
1.   Ensuring that people (particularly in marginalized groups) get information that they need and access to information and resources.
2. Ensuring that their voices and perspectives are well-represented in decisions that affect their quality of life, life circumstances and life chances.
Contact Kirby Edmonds [email protected], 607-277-3401 if interested.
  • College Discovery Program (IYB)-15 (8 males) mentors needed 2 hrs/week contact: [email protected]
  • Big Brother/Big Sister (IYB) 60 (particularly males and males of color) [email protected] of Ithaca.org
  • Golden Opportunity -30 tutors needed providing one-to-one tutoring, mentorship, advocacy; focus is on building skills in core academic subjects for grades 2-8 in ICSD contact: Kolby Harrell [email protected]
  • Mentor-Student Program CCE – 15 adult male-10 adult females mentors needed Contact: SusieKossack [email protected]
  • Paul Schreurs – 4 tutors Contact: [email protected]
  • Village at Ithaca – 15 Tutors needed Contact: Karen Yearwood [email protected]

The Village at Ithaca is looking for engaged community members and college students to help Ithaca area students reach their academic goals during this academic school year. This volunteer opportunity is a once or twice weekly commitment, totaling 1-3 hours per week for a short period of six weeks or longer, from beginning January 2019.

How can you help? Become an Achievement Coach (tutor) who engages students in their academic development by:

(1) encouraging them to see themselves as capable learners,
(2) working with them to increase their understanding of key concepts in their courses,
(3) supporting them to always give their best effort,
(4) connecting with them to build trust and comfort,
(5) helping them to identify their strengths so they can use them more productively,
(6) increasing positive peer support for academic success.

To volunteer contact Maimouna Phelan, [email protected] or by phone at (607) 256-0780.

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JOB DESCRIPTION: Grant-funded position responsible for activating community resources in support of the existing grant, School Food Chef’s Academy and other Quality School Food Supports: Improving Food Security and Quality in Local Schools. Collaborates with Tompkins Cortland’s academic programs and Coltivare staff to catalyze existing food insecurity to ensure that robust school food programs provide high-quality nutrition and food education. Coordinates training and development programs to food service personnel within the Tompkins County public schools and supports school-based initiatives related to childhood nutrition, school gardening, local agriculture and related topics.

Apply here – start date March 1st.


The Engaged Cornell faculty listserv is way for local organizations to connect to a large pool of Cornell faculty. Because research and teaching partnerships are planned well in advance, this resource may be of best use in building relationships with those who share your interests so you may collaborate in the future. The listserv may be useful to find collaborators for data analysis, internship opportunities, community-university partnerships, and other projects. 

Contact Anna Sims Bartel ([email protected]) or Dhyana Gonzalez ([email protected]) to have your message forwarded to the listserv.

HEARD is an organization at Ithaca College. We train volunteers every Fall to bring creative arts programming to the incarcerated youth (males ages 14-20) at the MacCormick Secure Center in Brooktondale, NY. We also hold art displays, documentary screenings, and community discussions. Additionally, we partner with other Ithaca College organizations focused on prison reform. Email us at [email protected] for more information and/or to get involved!

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