Guiding Framework

infants, Children, and Youth

  • Quality childcare for all children
  • Universal pre-kindergarten
  • Kids Ready for kindergarten
  • Youth at English Language Arts and math tests for grade level
  • High school graduation
  • Living wage employment
  • Participation in the community


  • Quality and universal pre-natal care
  • Quality and universal child care
  • Housing: safe, affordable, and stable.
  • Living wage income
  • Advocacy & support: all families have the advocates and supports needed to thrive.
  • Nutritional needs met
  • Health care needs met, (including dental and mental health needs)


  • Schools are ready to educate all kids
  • All staff are culturally competent and culturally responsive.
  • Adequate resources to provide all students with 21st century learning skills.
  • All families are engaged in supporting education of children.
  • Community support for providing needed resources.

Youth and Family OrGanizations

  • All staff are culturally competent and culturally responsive.
  • Organizational policies and procedures are culturally competent.
  • All families and youth are able to find and receive the services and resources they need.
  • A coordinated web of services and support for youth and families
  • Organizations use available resources effectively to achieve mission and serve youth and families effectively.


  • There is a clear vision in our communities of what success with our youth looks like, and each community has a strategy for achieving that vision.
  • Community leaders are committed the identified strategies to achieve goals.
  • There is participation from government, schools, non-profit organizations, the business community and residents in deciding on and implementing the strategies.
  • Any interested person or organization can find and use the relevant data toward implementing the strategies identified.
  • Full access to data and activities: Any interested person or organization has access to information about what others are doing and how they can become involved.

Employers and businesses

  • Early access to youth as potential future workforce
  • Employers understand and support reaching the identified goals.
  • Employers encourage employees to participate in the identified strategies.


  • Establish commitment to goals
  • Increase participation in developing and implementing community-wide strategies
  • Determine where looking at youth issues falls in the organizational structure of a municipal government
  • Determine what new capacity (if any) would be needed by local governments to meet goals
  • Assess impact of current spending on youth services
  • Collaborate effectively with the local school district(s).
  • Address the housing issues faced by youth