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“Ithaca’s Green New Deal stalled out during pandemic resulting from staff furloughs” -WHCU Radio

Ithaca’s Green New Deal hoping to re-ignite initiatives after stalling out during the pandemic.

September 18, 2020

“PEDC Recap: [Green New Deal and Carpenter Park Updates]” – Brian Crandall

With many City of Ithaca employees furloughed during quarantine, the Green New Deal was put on hold. But now, workers are back in the office and ready to push IGND forward.


August 26, 2020

Signs of Sustainability: COVID-19 and the Green New Deal” – Osamu Tadu

As the impacts of the pandemic ripple across the globe, it is clear that we, as a society, need to make changes. The Green New Deal “…is ultimately aiming to perpetuate the message that something is wrong and that we need to create a better society for ourselves and for our future generations in order to survive.”

May 8, 2020

“Think the pandemic is bad? We’ve got climate change to prepare for” – Mike Moritz

“The Ithaca Green New Deal is becoming more and more alive. Time spent now is time preparing for climate change. The coronavirus is Mother Earth’s response to our relationship with Her.”

May 20, 2020

“Equity in a Time of Uncertainty” – Alyssa Marcy

“Initiatives led by Building Bridges, Sustainable Tompkins, Dorothy Cotton Institute and others are looking towards Ithacans to tell us what equity means to them. Does it mean accessible, healthy food? Clean water? Affordable childcare? Additional public transportation routes? Only you can tell us…”

April 23, 2020

“Local Activists Raise Awareness on Sustainability and Inequity in Earth Day Event” – Tamara Kamis

With COVID-19 delaying the City of Ithaca’s plans for a Director of Sustainability, it is up to nonprofits and activists to continue the work and keep momentum going.

April 6, 2020

Green New Deal Futures – The City Calls for Murals

“The City of Ithaca’s Community Life Commission and Downtown Ithaca Alliance are requesting mural proposals for the greater downtown area. Artists, residents, neighbors are encouraged to illustrate futures aspired from initiatives like the city’s Green New Deal.”

Apply here!

January 24, 2020

After Ithaca’s Green New Deal, TCAT Charts Course for All-Electric Future” – Ayana Smith, The Cornell Daily Sun

“Vanderpool hopes that this new position will collaborate with the TCAT to identify potential funding opportunities for the organization’s energy transition and future transportation projects while continuing social efforts, such as breaking down ‘the silos of our community.'”

February 10, 2020

“Letter to the Editor: ‘A Case for the Ithaca Green New Deal to center New Roots High School’” – Mike Moritz, The Ithaca Voice

“It is important to make the case that the Ithaca Green New Deal centers the values that New Roots Charter Schools espouses. Ithaca’s Green New Deal is a movement that must honor the Students that are committed to the mission and vision of social justice, economic sustainability and environmental stewardship.”

May 5, 2019

“Ithacan Activists, Native American Leaders Evaluate the Green New Deal” – Angela Li, The Cornell Daily Sun

“The Sunrise has come to Ithaca. The local branch of Sunrise Movement…hosted a Green New Deal Town Hall at the Tompkins County Public Library on Thursday, giving activists and community members from Ithaca and beyond the chance to voice their concerns about U.S. environmental and economic policies.”

January 13, 2020

“City of Ithaca seeking applicants for newly-created Director of Sustainability” – Anna Lamb, The Ithaca Voice

At the end of December, the city announced additional funding through a grant for $100,000 from the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation’s Climate Smart Communities program. The money from that grant has been designated for the development of a Green New Deal action plan, which will ‘detail how to achieve an equitable transition to carbon-neutrality and meet the other goals of the Ithaca Green New Deal.'”

Ithaca Green Building Policy

The city is finalizing a green building policy that would both significantly lower building emissions and increase housing affordability. As we work toward an equitable transition to carbon neutrality, a new building code will be crucial to our success. As you can see from the graph to the right, buildings make up most of the emissions in Tompkins County. You can learn more about the green building policy here.


Mayor Svante Myrick talks about the Ithaca Green New Deal