Renewables/Energy Sources

What Do Renewables Have to Do With The Ithaca Green New Deal?

A carbon-neutral world is not the same as a world without energy. In fact, the future is probably even more energy-reliant than the present! Today, we need energy for lighting our homes, accessing the internet, and watching sports on TV, but in the future the uses for energy will expand to completely heating and cooling our homes, powering our transportation, cooking all our food, and energizing all sorts of new technologies we haven’t even invented yet. Burning fuels extracted from the earth is killing the planet and spells disaster for generations to come, making it a non-feasible solution for future energy production. 

The Details

The chart on the left shows that most of the energy generated in Tompkins County comes from natural gas. In fact, nearly all of the energy generated in Tompkins County is non-renewable, with only .2% generated via solar and hydroelectric power. A fuel type like gasoline has more to do with transportation, and will be addressed by that pillar of the Ithaca Green New Deal, but it is also clear that to reach carbon neutrality by 2030, Ithaca will need to look for alternative energy sources and move away from natural gas. 

The City of Ithaca has already taken some great steps toward transitioning to renewable energy – including sourcing all of its governmental energy needs through Renewable Energy Certificates since 2012, and both Cornell University and Ithaca College have also made considerable gains toward producing their own renewable energy – but the Ithaca Green New Deal is carbon-neutrality community-wide, so we need to generate way more renewable energy to meet our goals 


Want to get started with generating electricity here in Ithaca? 

If you are looking to install solar panels on your home to renewably generate energy right on your own property, click here to see what sort of tax rebates and other financial incentives you qualify for. 

Community-shared solar is a way for those of us without property or access to a well-lit spot to still own solar panels! Click here to read more and get started.