Education Pillar

Education is a core pillar of MBK-Ithaca’s approach to empowerment. As part of the strategic plan, the Education Committee has recommended developing programmatic interventions that target at all age groups. The following are our current activities/goals addressing the education pillar.

MBK will develop a comprehensive approach to addressing Trauma in our community (i.e. CARE Team Training, Trauma Response Team).

MBK will continue to monitor and support the implementation of the Ithaca City School District Family Engagement grant from New York State Education Department.

  • Create After School Programs in support of families in various situations including: Incarceration, split families, grandparents raising young children, domestic abuse,
  • Partner with TST BOCES to create an alternative learning program for Studio Engineering and Coding

The Diane Sams Leadership Academy will be a preschool program for 3-4 year olds. This will be a partnership with the Ithaca City School District. The instructional program will have an emphasis on culturally responsive practices.

  • Partner with TST BOCES to create a twilight/night school program
  • Explore partnership with TC3 to implement an Early College High School program in the Ithaca City School District.
  • Explore the possible implementation of a cohort-based tuition free program that will identify, support, and mentor students who will attend Cornell or Ithaca College.