Mentorship Pillar

MBK-Ithaca recognizes that mentorship exists on a spectrum of structural to informal. Structurally, organizations can commit to mentoring; informal mentoring takes forms like community members assisting youth. MBK’s Mentorship Pillar seeks to facilitate positive connections between the Black and Brown youth of the Greater Ithaca area through mentorship opportunities.

Mentoring creates meaningful connections that can positively impact the lives of both mentor and mentee. Those who receive mentorship are more likely to see improved academic, social, and economic prospects. Those who mentor are able to build important leadership and management skills, while giving back to their community.

MBK’s mentorship goals are focused on achieving the following goals:

Identify and establish relationships with key organizations in order to create sustainable momentum, including age- and topic-appropriate groups within GIAC, Big Brothers & Big Sisters of Tompkins County and their locally affiliated programs, student groups at the local colleges – particularly fraternities and sororities, and local civic organizations.

The database should have a target number of 101 mentors for the following areas:

  • Mentors who can serve at a minimum of 5 hours per week
  • Mentors who can serve at 5 to 10 hours per month
  • Mentors that can serve for short term or very specific needs
  • Folks that can contribute financially of have other skills sets
  • A Speakers’ Bureau of people who want to help but are unable to serve as mentors. These should be people of note that program participants/mentees would benefit greatly by being exposed to the speaker’s occupation/expertise/experience.

Working with our local partners and sister organizations to identify key areas of mentorship need within the community and common goals to avoid duplication and overlap.