Recreation and Programming Pillar

The MBK-Ithaca Strategic Plan includes goals to develop the following elements:
1) Late-night programming
2) Out of town trips
3) Development of a sports/community complex for teens
4) Amateur Athletic Union  (AAU) programs targeted for college admissions
5) Summer Program
6) College Life Experience


Developing programming that includes several different outlets that would occur on Friday and Saturday nights. Examples include: late night open gym, movie nights, social events, drama and arts.

  • Monthly trips that occur a minimum of an hour away from Ithaca
  • Quarterly big trips – overnights or bus trips to games, amusement parks, other community center events
  • Leadership/Empowerment Conferences – twice annually
  • A complex that will include several basketball courts, turf fields, dance studio, meeting space, arcade and teen-run café.
  • There are several models that have been developed that could be duplicated and upgraded for Ithaca
  • This would also serve as the Community Teen hub.


  • There are several sports that could be developed, from basketball to jump rope.
  • Affordability important for low income families
  • Present a “what next” element – COLLEGE
  • A “college connector” is required because children of color are not being recruited through high school coaching staff.
  • Financial support for RRBL and the creation of a league for teen girls
  • Summer outing events –
  • Opportunities for larger evening activities outside of basketball

Arranging visits for youth onto college campuses for weekend, school, or summer break visits.