Childhood Nutrition Collaborative – Framework

Conceptual framework - COllaborating for impact

Developed by CNC Member Gen Meredith, this framework provides a way for thinking about how community members (organizations, citizens, etc.) may come together to improve the health f a community.

Shared Vision – Equity and Justice

This core element of the conceptual framework represents not only the common goals/objectives that the members of the Childhood Nutrition Collaborative strive to achieve, but also the spirit that guides their activities and interactions with each other.

Focal Issues

Focal Issues are topics that center parties’ attention and jumpstart activities toward solving collective goals and can promote collaboration by increasing awareness of shared interests.

Leadership Processes

Leadership must be present within the collaboration to guide progress, but must also be undergirded by an infrastructure that supports its development and ensures sustainability of the collective.

Collective Actions

Individual activities directed toward resolving goals are more likely to result in duplication and overlap compared to collaborative, coordinated activities that result from a resilient network of community actors that operate in tandem.

Engaged, Cross-Sector Community

A broad range of individuals, groups, organizations, and demographics should be represented in the collaboration, including those with technical knowledge, funders, policy makers, and those with “lived experience.”