URO’s Mission

Ultimate Reentry Opportunity (URO) aims to reduce systemic barriers to reentry by engaging those with institutional power and influence to create safeguards that prevent recidivism.  

Working Areas


The mission of the Employment Working Group is to identify innovative solutions to under and unemployment for those with some sort of justice involvement. This includes better preparation for and access to training and employment opportunities. Another key aspect of URO’s work around employment includes advocating for and supporting employers adopt “fair-chance” hiring and retention policies. 

data development

The mission of the Data Development Working Group is to collate, collect and analyze data to inform stakeholders, policy makers, and members of the community on how to reduce recidivism and increase community safety.  

Criminal justice reform

The Criminal Justice Reform Working Group works with stakeholders in this system such as the The Tompkins County Criminal Justice Coordinator, The Probation Department, The DA’s Office, and local Judges as well as community and non profit agencies. It shares research on best practices, evaluating the efficacy of current policies, and makes recommendations to reduce the negative impacts of contact with the criminal justice system.